The obtaining of goods and services is our main competency value. This involves assisting our clients in sourcing, acquisition and delivery of various products and services that they need within their companies in a cost effective manner, therefore, enabling them to achieve the objectives of their companies.


  • SOURCING: CPT International GmbH has the capacity to source any kind of products through its vast contact with large number of certified manufacturers in all over the globe.


  • ACQUISITION: The firm has purchasing arrangements with vast majority of its manufacturers globally. Under our acquisition arrangements, we ensure that our clients interest is adequately satisfied through product quality, competitive prices, and long-term post-sale support where needed.


  • DELIVERY: CPT International GmbH has wide range of logistic structures in place to ship goods directly from our manufacturers to the end-users in an efficient and cost effective way. The sourcing, acquisition and delivery of goods is the primary function of our Procurement Services Division. 

With CPT Int. GmbH in Hard Times, Have a Safe Way